Wings Turquoise Crew T-Shirt - Women's

Wings Turquoise Crew T-Shirt - Women's

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Life is uncertain and sometimes, downright scary.  Wouldn't you agree?  Whenever we are scared, threatened, unsure or helpless, we all seek a place of refuge.  A place where we feel safe.  The world provides many places to feel safe or a place to escape.   A parent, a friend, a game, a book, a movie or perhaps a social site.  Protected from feelings and fears, yet only temporarily.  How often we forget to go to the "One" who can provide vast wings to protect us, rescue us, one who is always faithful. 

In a partnership with renowned chalkboard artist, Shannon Roberts, 1Eighty is pleased to add to our collection a design where "His" wings will provide refuge.  They are big enough for any storm you face. Have you ever thought to feel protected by God's wings?  Try it sometime.  He's waiting to look after you.

Psalm 91:4

Women's crew, 100% combed ring-spun cotton, soft-washed