How 1Eighty Started

Actually, 1Eighty started back in 1989 when I (Kevin, the guy that made a dream become reality), sat by the bedside of my dying grandfather.  Neither of us were ready to say goodbye.  The conversation meandered as only conversations in those moments can.  My grandfather commented on a  t-shirt I was wearing.  It was a simple, faith-based shirt that led to a not-so-simple conversation between us.  This conversation led to him accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior!  My t-shirt served as the catalyst to the most important conversation my grandfather and I ever had.  The seeds of 1Eighty were planted the day my grandfather was welcomed to eternity. 

Over the next 16 years (getting married to Sue, my partner-in-crime, buying our first home, having two kids), we prayed, plotted, planned and waited.  Sometimes we got impatient, but we held on to the promise of God’s perfect timing.  Most of you know when it comes to patience, I sometimes don't get a passing grade. On my wedding anniversary in November of 2004, 1Eighty was established.  We shipped our first shirts in March of 2005. 

Everyone has a story. We have setbacks and comebacks.  Hence, our company is called 1Eighty (180living).  We all do "180s" in life on a continual basis.  Setbacks are temporary.  They are our lessons to learn from and move to our comeback in life. 

Our goal is to provide inspiring, thought provoking, stylish, conversation-starting apparel that just might plant eternal seeds.  With every shirt we ship, I am reminded that a simple t-shirt saved me from having to say goodbye to my grandfather.  I hope you are blessed with your own 1Eighty moments!

Wear it. Share it. Live it!