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Now is the season to be grateful, to show thanksgiving for all that we have and all that we have received. As we gather with family and friends this season we should ponder on the many blessings that we have in our country. Men and women give their lives each day in devotion to this country and in devotion to you; so that you are able to enjoy freedom and liberty. As you spend time with your friends and family during this holiday season, remember those that are separated from their loved ones. As you gather around the table, I encourage you to take time and reflect on the things that fill your heart with gratitude. What in your life are you grateful for? Your family? Your friends? Your job? Your freedom? Your health?  How do you express your gratitude? Give a gift? Invest your time? 

What step will you take to show your thanks? 

Here’s a great gift idea and a great way to express your gratitude!

~ Abigail Waters, 180living contributor





  • Post author
    Sue Sumner

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