Truly living for an Audience of One

Often times in life we find ourselves attending all kinds parties.  But, there is one party that many of us attend on a regular that goes hand-in-hand with complaining.....a Pity Party. "It's not's "done me wrong"....and so the story goes. 

Last night at Saddleback Church (our home church), we were blessed with an amazing guest speaker who has EVERY RIGHT to attend this type of party, but he doesn't.  His name is Nick Vijucic (  What an amazing man of God!  Nick, who was born without limbs, inspired us all to Stand Strong....Then Run!  As I sat and listened, I no longer saw a man without limbs, I experienced an authentic, funny, strong and God-centered man who is using his disability of not having arms and legs, to reach one more for Jesus.  This guy is the real deal. Nick is a man on a mission and a man with a purpose who will not stop!.  This guy is running to spread the word of God's love in this chaotic and broken world, to anyone who will listen.  His story is compelling, but his authenticity and TRUE relationship with God is inspiring!

Nick so carefully and eloquently conveyed that all of the fame, money, position, name it...will NEVER, EVER satisfy us the way only God can with His love for us!  Satan is a real power in this world.  He's not going to stop until he destroys our families, our children, our homes, our name it!  He will not stop until he separates us from God's love.  Nick encourages us to start every day in His Word, put on the Armour of God and remember His many promises!  If not, you will battle this beast on your own and you are NO MATCH!

We received this picture a while back of Nick, while in route to one of his many speaking engagements, clearing security.  He's wearing one of our shirts, "Audience of One."  He's a guy that permeates a strong and genuine relationship with our creator.  He lives each day, moment by moment, to give honor and credit where it's deserved, to His Savior, Jesus Christ.  Will you live for an "Audience of One?"


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  • Nick is a true inspiration and it’s obvious from his testimony that he truly does live for one…..God!


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