Drumming to the beat of a Higher Power

Not many people can make claims of playing a mean set of drums, getting endorsements for major instrument manufacturers or appearing on TV at a relatively young age (4) like Cole Marcus. This kid (left) is now 14 and has a heart not only for playing the drums, but one that serves the Lord too!  

Cole (BTW, great name, just like our son!), has aspired to be so much more in this life than most of us will achieve in a lifetime!  This kid finds time to not only hang with his friends, he makes time to serve in a variety of ways, including playing the keyboards and drums for his church's youth ministry!  Using his God-given talent to share his faith with others!

Cole has a repertoire that is as varied as a color palate.  He's appeared in the "Brave" music video with Josh Groban and can been in a co-staring role with Billy Unger in Disney's sitcom, "Lab Rats."  And....he's not afraid nor ashamed to share his faith, by wearing one of our 1Eighty shirts, GATE!

Keep on drummin' Cole.  God's got his eyes set on you....to continue doing some great and powerful things in this world.  And thanks for supporting and sportin' our shirts!

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