Dreaming of a White (CHRIST)MAS!

On a cold day like today, all 38 degrees of it in So Cal....I'm dreaming of a White Christmas.  Only IF....it was truly cold and would stay that way .  Only IF...we lived in the Midwest.  Only IF....we could reach a temperature that was 32 degrees and it could snow.  Only IF....

This has been such a great month, watching people all over Orange County wearing the (CHRIST)MAS shirt!  It's the BEST conversation starter, and a HUGE reminder that Jesus is the reason we celebrate.  Jesus, born in a smelly stable, in a manager with hay.  Not room at the "hotel" for Jesus.  The celebrated one....

So when the kids or I start to complain about how hard life is, I'll remind them (oh, and me too),  that we have it so good, that CHRIST should be the one getting the presents (our love for Him), that HE should be put up in a warm and cozy home (our hearts), that CHRIST is the BEST gift any of us could ever receive.

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  • You’re updating the shop like crazy and I like it!! I rellay like looking at your store updates… one day I will buy something, haha.I love love love the bubblegum tunic that you’ve had up for ages… but it’s too big for me.


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