What's All the HYPE?

HYPE:  An ingenious or questionable claim.

It all started with a meeting of the minds, well not really.  Three guys getting together at Starbucks in Nashville to catch up.  Who would have thought that a simple conversation I had with Duncan Phillips of the Newsboys http://www.newsboys.com/ and Colton Dixon from American Idol http://www.coltondixon.com/ would turn into something pretty exciting.  That's what happened.  Today, 1Eighty is partnering with Duncan Phillips and New Release Tuesday (more on them in a minute) to announce our new shirts.....HYPE and HOPE.  But first, a little background.

I met up backstage with Duncan a few years back at Winter Jam 2011 and talked to him about the idea of co-branding a shirt(s) with 1Eighty. First response....sure!  Came up with some ideas.  Put some drawings together,  Tweaked them.  Sold them.  But we were still not there.  Fast-forward.  One thing about Duncan.  He's a guy that likes to have fun on stage.  When he's opening every Newsboys concert, Duncan starts the show by standing up on his drums and shouts through a megaphone, DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE!  What's the hype all about?  Romans 12:2 puts it simply: "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind!"  Say no more.  HYPE was born!

It doesn't end there.  I met up with NewReleaseTuesday.com,  the largest Christian entertainment and music site online, and the "go to" place for new music, videos and books throughout the world!  With over 525,000 monthly visitors, this is the PERFECT opportunity to partner to spread the word of our new partnership with Duncan.

So today, we are happy to feature our four NEW shirts with the signature "SQUIZZ" on each shirt.  What's a SQUIZZ?  It's Duncan's nickname...an Australian term, "just hang out!" You'll find it on the shirts.  And....if you buy one of the new shirts, we'll send you a New Release Tuesday shirt FREE! 

So today....HYPE it!

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